Saturday, November 28, 2009

UCLA Bruins vs USC Trojans

UCLA Bruins vs USC Trojans live match will be held at Los Angeles Coliseum , Los Angeles California. This game is scheduled today and will start at 10:00 PM ET. You can listen online and check out behind the scenes actions of UCLA vs USC game through ESPN Radio.
UCLA beat Arizona State on their game last week which ended with a final score of 13-23. UCLA quarterback Kevin Prince passed for 161 yards, which their defense accounted for two touchdowns and set up a field goal. Teams were tied in the first quarter. UCLA made 13 points in the second quarter while ASU was scoreless. Both teams were scoreless in the third quarter. UCLA had six turnovers but their defense was tough that ASU wasn’t able to chase them at the final quarter.
The Trojans was defeated by Stanford last November 14. The Cardinals was 34 points away from them and since the start of the second half the team were finding it hard to level the game. USC started with no score and in the final quarter they weren’t able to score.

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