Thursday, November 19, 2009

Carmen Electra leaked video

The Carmen Electra leaked video isn’t just a sex tape. It’s a lesbian sex tape, meaning that Carmen Electra is now the hot woman of the internet. However, critics of the tape state that it was leaked only to draw attention to the sexy vixen.

Before you trip over yourself trying to find the Carmen Electra leaked video, you should know that it’s not hardcore. Instead, it is Carmen Electra performing SIMULATED lesbian acts with another woman. Carmen Electra and her management team could have leaked the video as a publicity stunt for a new movie or book deal, according to the Herald Sun.

What draws people to leaking videos? It’s the best way to bring someone to viral status, bar none. No one wants to hear about impressive accomplishments or trials and tribulations. They want to hear about sex and leaked videos and scandals.

Think California and Hollywood are the only places in America where sex tape scandals hit home? Think again. Country music has its share of sex scandals and Nashville is home to country music.

Singer Mindy McCready was recently caught up in a sex tape scandal. Although she was not a participant, her “Celebrity Rehab” roommate accused her of swiping her hard drive, which contained a steamy sex tape of Eric Dane, Rebecca Gayheart, and Kelly Peniche.

Tennessee was also the state where the scandalous Erin Andrews Peephole video was taped. Stalker Michael David Barrett rigged Erin Andrew’s hotel room so that he could take videos of her while she was undressing.



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