Saturday, November 21, 2009

eBay Search Down

Still at this hour, searches for anything I tried ("junk," "antique," "television") all returned the error message: We were unable to run the search you entered. Please try again in a few minutes.
Saturday typically accounts for a relatively smaller share of eBay's weekly sales (11%), but this time of year - with only about 5 weeks to go until Christmas - is an incredibly inopportune time for the auction and ecommerce site to sacrifice any potential business.

The last update from eBay on the issue appears to be this one from 6:28 pm EST: Due to errors in some of our backend systems, members may be seeing different errors in Search. This could be that "We were unable to run the search results you entered. Please try again in a few minutes" or a blank page, or simply the browser being unable to display the page. This is also affecting the ability to access eBay Stores through search directly, and sometimes from the store URL.
As a workaround, ebay suggests using their Advanced Search Option found at the top of the page.



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