Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wix Khalifa In Jail

Wix Khalifa In Jail,

Wix Khalifa is a 22 year ancient rapper who had gone to North Carolina to delight in their own concert at the East Carolina University. People were excited to see this rapper on stage at the University of Carolina, but the sad news that has affected his life has become an end to his career. Recent news about Wix Khalifa is that he is in jail on charges of possession of marijuana and a lot of weed on his bus. Thirty pounds of marijuana and some weeds are found on the bus was that this rapper was addicted to the habit of taking drugs. Rumors say that Wix Khalifa was nearly near his bus when police arrested him and took him under their custody to the drug possession charges on the bus.

Most celebrities have become the most addicted to drugs and are involved in drug possession and some of them as Lil Wayne are also caught for possession of weapons too. Wix Khalifa in prison is the example of another celebrity who is something and all the allegations in them right too. Wix Khalifa made the statement in which he spent nearly ten thousand dollars each month to meet with his habit of smoking marijuana. The police made their next target and Wix Khalifa in jail has become the new news for music fans. Wix Khalifa in jail was arrested by police last night after leaving his concert at the University of Carolina.

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